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6 January 2003:
New LINKS (Zheleznodorozhnyj Transport, Serguei Trouchelle homepage).

18 December 2002:
All LINKS were revised completely.

24 April 2002:
Update at STOCK LISTS (Poland) and a new LINK (Loko trans s.r.o.).

16 April 2002:
New LINK (CKD Dopravni sytemy, a.s.).

26 March 2002:
New LINK (ZTS Kolajove vozidla, a.s., Dubnica nad Vahom).

5 March 2002:
New URLs (Teplovoz ChME3 y yego modifykatsy and Fotogalereja Boosterov) at LINKS.

22 February 2002:
Another LINK (Depo Lovosice).

15 February 2002:
Two more LINKS (ChME3, Yaroslavskyj Vokzal).

6 February 2002:
Some news at STOCK LISTS and T669 & CO (new T669.0541 in Slovakia; list of reconstructed locos ZSR-773).
A change of URL (Stranky Pratel Zeleznic) at LINKS.

12 January 2002:
A change of URL (Cargozwillinge) at LINKS.

11 December 2001:
Updates at GALLERY (Albania), T669 & CO, STOCK LISTS and LINKS (new links, some no longer existing links were deleted, some URL-changes).

21 November 2001:
Recently some server problems occured - sorry about that!

15 November 2001:
Another LINK (Zeleznicni technika CD).

8 November 2001:
Two more LINKS (Ringhoffer Fotogalerie and Dima's Railway Picture Gallery).

19 October 2001:
A new LINK (T669 discussion board at

12 October 2001:
A new LINK (Die Cargozwillinge).

10 September 2001:
Some few updates and news at LINKS (PTK i GK Rybnik; Lokomotiv Journal; Kolomensky Zavod).

17 July 2001:
Some few updates of factory numbers (S-200 Poland) at STOCK LISTS.

29 June 2001:
Some few updates at T669 & CO (India) and STOCK LISTS (770 502 and 511I being reconstructed).

18 May 2001:
Due to an error on the server my T669-Site couldn't be loaded for some days - sorry about that. One more new LINK (Galerie vozidel).

10 May 2001:
Once again another LINK (Oekraine Anders).

3 May 2001:
A new LINK (Picture list of V63 Gigant Club).

30 April 2001:
Again a new LINK (Locomotieven in Rusland).

27 April 2001:
One more new LINK (Cmelak).

26 April 2001:
A new LINK (Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries) and a change of URL (Soucasnost vozidel ceskoslovenske vyroby v Albanii).

24 April 2001:
Two new pictures (CD-770/MUS-770) at GALLERY.

23 April 2001:
Some few updates at STOCK LISTS (S-200 Poland) and a change of URL (Stranky Pratel Zeleznic) at LINKS.

20 April 2001:
Updates (URL-changes) at LINKS (Das internationale Bahnweb, Lukro spol. s r.o.).

18 April 2001:
Some new pictures (CD, MUS) at GALLERY and a new LINK (PTK i GK Rybnik).

4 April 2001:
Some updates at T669 & CO (Poland, Albania).

3 April 2001:

2 April 2001:
A new picture (ZSR-771.8) at GALLERY, some updates at STOCK LISTS and T669 & CO (Soviet Union; India).

29 March 2001:
A new LINK (Slezskomoravska draha a.s.).

27 March 2001:
New LINKS (Michurinsk, about locos produced in Czechoslovakia for Albanian railways) and some updates at STOCK LISTS.

8 February 2001:
A new LINK (CMKS holding a.s.).

4 January 2001:
A new LINK (Atlas zeleznic) and a change of URL (Das internationale Bahnweb - Russland).

20 December 2000:
A new LINK (Addams' Railway Page).

19 December 2000:
A little change at LINKS - USSR Railway Picture Gallery with new URL.

14 December 2000:
New S-200 numbers at STOCK LISTS.

8 December 2000:
One more photo (CD-770) at GALLERY.

7 December 2000:
A new LINK (photo gallery about railway museum at Seyatel station).

5 December 2000:
Some LINK updates:
A new one (Booster for ChME3B) and a deactivated one (Railway Photo Gallery).
Pictures at the GALLERY are now opened in new windows.

1 December 2000:
Two new photos (CD-771, ZSR-770) at GALLERY, some few updates at STOCK LISTS (Polish S-200) and a new LINK (webcam at the www-site of Mostecka uhelna spolecnost, a.s.).

24 November 2000:
Five new pictures (770/771 - CD/ZSR) at GALLERY.

20 November 2000:
Some information and technical data about Polish S-200 at T669 & CO, a new LINK (India / South Asia Industrial Locomotives).

17 November 2000:
The Polish section was opened: Two new photos at GALLERY and some numbers of S-200 at STOCK LISTS.

13 November 2000:
A new LINK (Das internationale Bahnweb - Russland).

10 November 2000:
Two more photos from Ukraine at GALLERY and two new LINKS (Transsib, Eurorailpics).

3 November 2000:
A little change at STOCK LISTS (T669.1508 does NOT belong to Slovnaft Bratislava) and two more photos from Slovakia can be found at GALLERY.

20 October 2000:
A new photo (Slovakia) can be seen at GALLERY.

13 October 2000:
A new paragraph about the exported 770/771s to Guinea at T669 & CO, numbers of the exported locos to Guinea and some little change at paragraph Czech industrial locomotives at STOCK LISTS. Also four new LINKS (Fotoalbum, Zelezna draha v obrazech, 2 other photo galleries, all CZ/SK).

5 October 2000:
New LINKS (photos of Czech class 770/771) were added.

6 September 2000:
A new photo (Ukraine) was added to GALLERY.

5 September 2000:
A new chapter was introduced - STOCK LISTS, first a list of industrial locomotives in Czech and Slovak Republic. More will follow. Some history of class 770/771 was added at T669 & CO and - the MAIN-site got its final design.

1 September 2000:
A new LINK (Lokomotiv Journal home page) was added.

31 August 2000:
New LINKS (Christian Knop's Railway and Streetcar Page, Gulden Railpage) were added.

30 August 2000:
A list of contributors and used literature was added to T669 & CO, new LINKS (Atlas lokomotiv, Trains on the Turksib) were added.

28 August 2000:
Some mistakes were corrected at T669 & CO, a new LINK (Railway Photo Gallery) was added.

22 August 2000:
The GALLERY was extended, some history and technical data of the locomotive were added to T669 & CO and a new LINK (Latvian Railways) was added.

18 August 2000:
T669 & CO was activated - more information will follow as soon as possible ...

17 August 2000:
The GALLERY was activated - more photos will follow as soon as possible ...

16 August 2000:
ABOUT and HELP sites started.

9 August 2000:
The LINKS were updated again.

4 August 2000:
My T669-website started that day.