Well, dear visitor, this webpage is dedicated to my most favourite locomotive - the Czechoslovak T669.0/1, now class 770/771 and all its several export-versions.

It is likely the most-built diesel-engine of the world - more than 8000 units have left the factory halls.

I have always been liking these locomotives - a sort of "American style with East-European influences" (and because of those influences I love them ...) - since my very first contact in the year 1988, when a T669 crossed the "iron curtain", the Czechoslovak-German border in the north-east of Bavaria.
But a special interest in these locos arose when seeing and hearing (!) them in Slovakia in the middle of the 1990s, hauling heavy trains on beautiful lines, either in front of the train or even as pushing-locomotive.

So on this site you can find some information (click T669 & CO and STOCK LISTS) and photos (see GALLERY). If you visit my site regularily (:-) you can see the latest updates clicking NEW. My urgent appeal concerning some special export-versions of the locomotive can be found at HELP - so please have a look there. Of course there are thousands of very interesting railway websites, full of facts and well designed, but my list is containing only LINKS with regard to T669.0/1, ChME3 and so on.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site ...

with regards

Andreas Grießing